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  • Tilo-HAP-903 :

    High molecular weight Hyper Branched Polymer solution, Hyper Adhesion Promoter recommended for use UV-curable and solvent-based coatings and inks respectively. Multiple crosslink groups and adhesive polymer matrix to provide superior adhesion of coatings or inks onto metal and non-metal substrates.
    Hyper branched structure and expansion side chain makes them easily incorporated .
    Enhanced corrosion resistance.
    Very low dosage is effect compared with normal adhesion resins, thus cost savings.
    Outstanding synergistic effect against corrosion in combination of Zinc phosphate.
    Reduced dosage of expensive UV monomer, like 2-PEA, in UV inks and coatings.
    Suitable for industrial coatings, coil and can coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and acid-catalytic primers whether baking or air-drying.

  • KH-560 :


    KH-560 is a kind of coupling agent with epoxy group. It can be used as caulking glue or sealant of polysulfide and polyurethane, adhesive of epoxy resin, and also can be used in thermosetting resin of filling or reinforcement mode, glass fiber adhesive and thermoplastic resin of inorganic filler or glass reinforcement,etc.
    Improve intensity properties of hard composite materials which use glass fiber roving as reinforcement. Keep intensity at maximum point after humidity period.

    Enhance electrical properties of epoxy resin-based sealants, packaging materials, and printed circuit boards. It is the result of improving the adhesiveness between fillers or between resin and matrix.

    Enhance electrical properties of composite materials of inorganic filling, including nylon and
    polybutylene terephthalate.
    Be effiective to various fillers, matrix, clay, talc, aedelforsite, silica and quartz, or metals like aluminum, cooper and iron.
    Improve cohesiveness of caulking glue and sealant, with water containing acrylic latex, used in polyurethane and epoxy resin coatings. It can improve the solubility, dispersity and fluidity of adhesive when put it into the organic toner.


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