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  • Tilosperse 5058 :

    Solvent free wetting and dispersing additive, particularly suitable for water-based and solvent-based universal pigment paste. It has excellent compatibility with all common solvent and water. It also suitable for every kind of resin and pigment. TiloSperse 5058 is also well suited for the prevention of flooding/floating in PVC plastisols for coil coating applications.

  • Tilosperse 5038 :

    Polymeric, solvent-free and VOC-free wetting and dispersing additive which is recommended for use in epoxy pigments &fillers dispersions, and also polyester gel coats. The product is specifically designed for dispersing and stabilizing both organic pigments and inorganic pigments & fillers. Increase resistance of color seperation and pigment settling.

  • Tilosperse 5095 :

    Solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive. It is especially suited for stabilizing acidic and neutral carbon black pigments. The product does not contain plasticizers, solvent or APEO. TiloSperse 5095 is suited for color concentrate based on polyols, plasticizers, unsaturated polyesters, epoxy resins which are used for PVC-plastisols, PU foam & PU-floorings.


  • Tilosperse 5034 :

    Wetting and dispersing additives for Unsaturated Polyester and Epoxy Systems. It is particularly effective in highly filled ATH filled systems, CaCO3, TiO2 and anti-fire paints. Dispersion and stability of marble materials and inorganic fillers with excellent viscosity reduction and increasing the dosage of fillers reducing the dosage of resin.

  • Tilosperse 5500 :

    Wetting and dispersing additives for Unsaturated Polyester. It is recommended for PE primer to act as anti-greenish agent, and can also used to improve anti-settling ability of titanium dioxide and fillers pigment paste in solvent based system.

  • Tilosperse 5512 :

    The great cost-effective wetting and dispersing additive for high fillers solvent-based industrial and architectural primer coatings. It is suitable for all kinds of inorganic pigments and fillers with excellent anti-hard settling effect. It can also be utilized to provide excellent gelling in organophilic bentonites.


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