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  • Tilosperse 5019 :

    A universal dispersant, organic solvent free, with great compatibility with all kinds of resins, also has excellent dispersion capacity. It has great dispersion effect on all kins of organic pigments, particularly suitable for milling different kinds of HPP.Also provide excellent storage stability of the pigment pastes.

  • Tilosperse 5021 :

    Solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-based and aqueous medium to polar coating systems. It can be used as a post-additive in solvent-borne and aqueous systems to improve color strength and colorant acceptance.

  • Tilosperse 8570 :

    High molecular weight polymeric dispersant solution in ethyl acetate, recommended for use in polyurethane packaging inks. It is designed for PUR packaging inks and has following benefits:
    Allows producing high pigment loading of PUR base ink which is ideal for mixing
    schemes and easier to handle in letdown stage.

    Improves gloss and color strength, especially when applied to PR57:1, PR146 and
    carbon blacks.

    Improves the performance of poor wetting resins
    Improvements in productivity are achieved due to high pigment loading of millbase
    and shorter dispersion times

    Will reduce the viscosity of highly pigmented inks


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