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  • Tilo L8202 :

    Polyether modified silicone leveling additive with defoaming properties. It is particularly suitable for non-polar to medium-polar paint systems. Its defoaming activity rises with increasing coating polarity. In automotive and industrial coatings, it will not exhibit problems with ghosting or telegraphing.

  • Tilo L8511 :

    Acrylic leveling additives for solvent-based and solvent-free systems.It is suited for high quality pigmented and non-pigmented industrial coatings. Typically it does not cause turbidity in clears and hazing in pigmented systems. It can improve leveling and gloss. Can produce a long wave effect and avoid cratering in the system. The acrylate additive doesn’t negatively influence recoatability or intercoat adhesion. Surface tension is only slightly reduced. It is thermally stable.

  • Tilo L8215 :

    Leveling agent for solvent based and solvent-free coatings with defoaming effect. It is especially recommended for acid cured or polyurethane wood finishes, stoving enamels based on alkyd- acrylic- or polyester resins, self-leveling epoxy flooring compounds and UV-cured paper lacquers.

  • Tilo L8563 :

    Fluorocarbon-modified high molecular weight polymer. Recommended for solvent based coating systems. It is a leveling agent which has excellent substrate wetting, provides the fastest speed of leveling, and has the best anti-carter ability. It is especially suitable for, alkyd, acrylic and polyester based baking finish, polyurethane coatings, 2K epoxy system, air-dry alkyd systems.


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