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  • Tilogel 905 :

    TILOGEL 905 controls sag and settling in solvent-borne coatings by creating a more shear-thinning rheological behavior. This makes it particularly suited to high-solids coatings because no extra solvent needs to be added to retain the leveling of the coating. In fact, it is recommended that some solvent be removed from the formulation to provide the most effective sag control.

    It is used in industrial coatings, heavy-duty protective coatings, automotive OEM and refinish coatings, wood coatings and marine coatings, industrial oils and inks. Compatible with resins: PU, Epoxy, Polyester, Alkyd, Acrylic/Acrylate.

  • BK-884 :

    It is an organoclay (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite) for solvent-based systems of low to medium polarity.
    High gelling efficiency over low to medium polarity organic liquids,especially in aliphatic and aromatic solvent and the compound of above.
    Easy of incorporation. No need for polar activator or making pregel.
    Consistent in rheology and thixotropy development.
    Excellent sag resistance and control of viscosity.
    Produce gel with light color and high transparency.
    Can be added at any step,even can be used in post-addition to correct the final viscosity of a certain batch.


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